About Starcrest

Starcrest is an independently-managed private equity real estate investment practice that specialises in combining innovation with discipline to create value for our investors through active investment management, capital structuring and prudent risk management across China.

Since its inception in 2010, Starcrest has built a strong track record that leverages our extensive investment, real estate and fund management experience to maximize returns for investors.

With offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we are able to establish extensive on-the-ground presence in China, which is integral to understanding local market dynamics and accessing investment opportunities.


The partners of Starcrest are all seasoned investment professionals with their own areas of specialisation. Together, they have accumulated more than 60 years of experience in real estate.

Since the inception of Starcrest in 2010, the shared vision has continued to be the creation of a team of dedicated professionals to generate attractive returns through the sourcing of value-driven investments and execution of best-in-class asset management.


Starcrest has its root firmly planted in China with a strong dedication to ensuring value creation, diversified asset selection and hands-on asset management. We deliver exceptional, on-the-ground and targeted advisory and generate alpha to investors through our investments.